Supervising Woonbron During the Outsourcing, Transition, and Design of its Management Organization


Supervising Woonbron During the Outsourcing, Transition, and Design of its Management Organization

We developed a sourcing strategy to help Woonbron improve the quality of its services

The Challenge

After drawing up a digital and sourcing strategy based on its mission, Woonbron found that its digital objectives could be achieved by further developing its IT and Automation department and by outsourcing certain IT activities.

With this in mind, the company decided to:

  • Outsource telephony and system and network management to preferred suppliers 
  • Outsource technical application management and database management via a market request 
  • Outsource information security support in the form of a knowledge-as-a-service 

In discovering this, the company decided it was important that no existing services would fall between two stools during the transition from management organization. To achieve this, it decided that Eraneos had the answer.

“Eraneos has helped us to implement a tightly organized sourcing strategy that’s of high quality, pleasant and sharp.”

The approach

We facilitated workshops to help draw up a sourcing strategy in line with Woonbron’s mission and digital strategy. For outsourcing to the preferred suppliers, we specified the scope of the outsourcing, and various workshops were held with representatives from both Woonbron and the suppliers. We also supervised two market inquiries in the form of a “request for proposal” process, drawing up an application roadmap and inventory.

For support in the field of information security, we held a consultation with Woonbron to request “knowledge-as-a-service” in the form of CISO-as-a-service so that the company wasn’t dependent on one person.

We also provided support for all processes in the preparation of internal decision-making by helping with the preparation of the qualitative and financial aspects of the business case and the decision-making documents.

Woonbron is a housing corporation with 45,000 homes and 4,000 other real estate units in Rotterdam, Nissewaard, Delft, and Dordrecht. The company provides good and affordable housing for households on a limited budget as well as suitable housing for those who need it in varied neighborhoods. Woonbron continues to improve its homes through maintenance, sustainability measures, renovation, and sometimes by building new ones. In this way, it can continue to guarantee affordable housing. That remains Wonnron’s core task.

The result

Thanks to the processes we supported Woonbron with, the company can now provide IT services in a professional manner for the coming years, all while improving its quality of service.

Woonbron has also been able to implement internal changes, which have allowed it to develop further as a management organization. The company can now focus more on its core activities and spend more time on agility and innovation.

Let’s create sustainable change together.