Speeding up Innovation for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) with a Digital Accelerator Program

Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)

Speeding up Innovation for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) with a Digital Accelerator Program

Find an innovative solution to connect KWF with the over 800,000 current and former cancer patients in the Netherlands.

The Challenge

KWF came to Eraneos for help in designing a solution that would solve the challenge of connecting over 800,000 cancer patients and survivors in the Netherlands. The solution had to offer enough value to encourage its continuous use by patients and former patients, establishing a communication channel between them and KWF. Important criteria included: reach, loyalty, transparency, and efficiency. In other words, the solution had to reach the target audience and foster the development of a relationship while being transparent in its communication with users as well as scalable and efficient in terms of time and resources.

KWF now has greater insights into digital strategy and takes advantage of more agile ways of working

The approach

In response to this challenge, Eraneos offered KWF the Digital Accelerator program – a 12-week pressure-cooker program involving a team of multidisciplinary talents that focuses on one strategic challenge and uses design thinking. The team was diverse in terms of nationalities, personalities, and educational backgrounds which varied from business to front- and back-end software development.

The team continuously strived to empathize with current and former cancer patients, and in doing so validated their assumptions and updated their personas. Schedule-wise, the Digital Accelerator was divided into two main parts: a first phase in which research, ideation, and weekly deliverables led to an agreed solution in the space of one month; and a second phase in which prototyping and testing took place.

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is a large Dutch nonprofit whose goal is to beat cancer as soon as possible. The company raises and channels funds into scientific research, influences policy, and shares its knowledge of cancer and its treatment. Beyond ending cancer, KWF strives to provide added value to cancer patients and survivors in any way possible.

The result

The final deliverables consisted of a tested prototype with a mock-up and functionalities and a business case providing an overview of how to scale the solution. The Digital Accelerator program has enabled KWF to come into closer contact with cancer patients and survivors, and obtain new insights into digital strategy and more agile ways of working.

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