Making Pragmatic Changes at Rijnstate using Obeya and Kaizen Management Methods

Rijnstate Hospital

Making Pragmatic Changes at Rijnstate using Obeya and Kaizen Management Methods

Ensuring the company’s Information and Medical Technology Service Center can improve cross-departmental processes toward shared goals

The Challenge

Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem, the Netherlands is a leading STZ association hospital. Its Service Center for Information and Medical Technology (IMT) was created by merging different disciplines and was created with the goal of aligning itself with the hospital-wide ambition to be agile, efficient, and innovative. IMT, therefore, came to Eraneos with an idea to harmonize its working method (particularly in IMT-wide processes), promote mutual cooperation, and stimulate an open, action-oriented culture.

“Thanks to the rapid feedback, the Obeya contributes to a learning and action-oriented organization.”

The approach

We helped IMT determine its transformation and improvement goals on the basis of qualitative and quantitative baseline measurements. To realize and manage these goals, we chose the methods of Kaizen, which refers to structured problem-solving, and Obeya, a team spirit improvement tool involving a large room where team members can plan more effectively.

In small improvement teams, IMT employees – under the guidance of Eraneos – were able to identify improvements and implement them in the incident and change process. Internal coaches were trained to carry out Kaizens after the program ended. At the same time, an Obeya was set up where all important management information from IMT could be visualized; from reports on operational processes to projects and results from the Kaizens. IMT took into account the usefulness of this joint rollout and the first working version was made a reality in a very short time.

Rijnstate is a leading STZ association hospital with locations in Arnhem, Zevenaar, and Velp. Rijnstate offers patients high-quality diagnostics, treatment, and care. Through education and high-quality scientific research, Rijnstate’s goal is to contribute to the well-being of residents in its catchment area and beyond.

The result

The Obeya, which is centrally and openly accessible to everyone in the department, has brought about a culture change within IMT. Employees and MT members visit each other more often, know where to find each other, and ask each other for help more easily.

In addition, transparency about progress, results, and bottlenecks has led to more cohesion in the department. There is now continuous improvement, both at the level of the Obeya and by the improvement teams who work with Kaizens to solve problems. Meeting time is used more effectively because factual information is available visually, which ensures more relevant conversations take place. Obeya has also proven to be an excellent alternative to quarterly reports with the executive board.

Let’s create sustainable change together.