Planning and execution of a Global Post Merger Integration in ~ 40 subsidiaries 

Software Company

Planning and execution of a Global Post Merger Integration in ~ 40 subsidiaries 

Helping both companies to become one unified entity

The Challenge

Eraneos had been called in to help two software companies that had just merged and were looking to ensure business processes were integrated and ran as seamlessly as possible. The signing of the acquisition between had been completed four months previously with assigned responsibilities but without major integration progress. 
There was, therefore, unstructured program management with missing objectives, unclear guidance, and a lack of concept that would improve the rollout approach or the program planning after the merger. There were also missing PMI capabilities and skills in the rollout team and within the organization alongside capacity issues. 

Eraneos’ efforts in adjusting the roles and responsibilities of the two merging software companies meant it had become an overall leaner organization.

The Approach

We approached these challenges by identifying and developing a relevant solution consisting of urgent and prioritized fields of action. Next, we implemented a milestone agreement process as well as a milestone tracker and integrated checklists while ensuring there was a regular communication structure in place. Lastly, we adjusted rolling milestone planning to achieve a capacity-based program plan while defining a standardized rollout approach, which sought to improve the integration of the two companies.

The Result

Our efforts resulted in a successfully implemented project management strategy that had clear guidance and structure, bringing about a growing confidence within the organization for the integration of the acquired company. We also successfully integrated 38 subsidiaries into one unified company with adjusted globalized processes, adapted technology infrastructure, and rolled out global services.

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