Drawing up a Solid Data Strategy and Roadmap for Parnassia Groep

Parnassia Groep

Drawing up a Solid Data Strategy and Roadmap for Parnassia Groep

To help the company manage, account for, and improve business information and data science supported by customers and employees

The Challenge

As it geared up for its merger with psychiatrist company Antes, Parnassia Groep (PG) was on the lookout for a reliable supplier and discussion partner for business information and data science (BIDS) analysis; someone who could help the group steer and improve its organization-wide, integrated, and high-quality data.

The company had been asked to draw up a vision and roadmap for a new BIDS department for the following 2-3 years, consisting of three teams that would focus on data management (management of the data), business information (management and accountability), and data science (decision support). Eraneos was on hand to support it in this process.

Preparing a vision document including a roadmap for the business intelligence for Parnassia Groep.

The approach

We arranged six extensive workshops with employees from the various departments at PG with a focus on utility and necessity, products, quality and architecture, and organization, expertise, and activities. The ‘voice’ of the customer was included through interviews with the main stakeholders of BIDS. As a result, the ambitions of BIDS matched the expectations of these stakeholders.

A working document was used in which those involved could follow the process of the vision. Between the workshops, interim results were fed back to the stakeholders. The supported final report formed the basis for a three-year roadmap that has been mapped out and is currently being implemented.

The Parnassia Groep offers specialist help for all psychological problems. The organization consists of various care brands that are subdivided into small-scale teams. The units work together intensively, by sharing knowledge with each other, but also because specialists from different care brands form joint teams, such as life-course outpatient clinics and neighborhood teams. With scientific research, professional development through its own academy, and the development and innovation of new treatment methods, the Parnassia Groep is pushing boundaries and discovering new possibilities to advance the quality and accessibility of mental health care in the Netherlands. Because the treatment of psychological problems can always be improved.

The result

In this project, Eraneos successfully supported PG’s vision in the field of business information, data management, and data science. With the help of five themes of products and services, organization, colleagues, processes, system, and architecture, PG now has a clear vision of how BIDS will be realized while having a detailed roadmap outlining which important changes will be tackled in the coming 2-3 years. On top of that, plans have been made for each theme that is managed integrally.

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