Evolving Logalty’s Technological Infrastructure and Adapting it to eIDAS Regulations 


Evolving Logalty’s Technological Infrastructure and Adapting it to eIDAS Regulations 

From a traditional outsourcing model to one of hybrid cloud-managed services, security, and regulatory compliance support

The Challenge

Logalty was in a process of transformation and growth both nationally and internationally. During 2018, it has gone from being a state company to a private firm, opening new offices in Mexico while expanding its portfolio of services. 
To achieve its transformation and growth objectives, Logalty needed to adapt its services to the current needs of its clients, especially in regard to contracting policies at the level of security and data management. It was also looking to expand its portfolio of services. However, to do this, the firm needed to update its infrastructure to a model that would allow it to modernize at a technological level, grow quickly, have predictable costs, and comply with the European regulation for the recognition of electronic identities – eIDAS. That’s where Eraneos came in. 
To undertake this challenge, we worked with Logalty on the basis that we could offer an understanding of the company’s situation and deliver on our proven experience in similar projects.

“Eraneos helped us put things in order.”

Jose Luis Martinez, CIO of Logalty

The approach

For our approach, we worked with Logalty to define a service model so the company could eventually move from traditional outsourcing to a new model of hybrid cloud-managed services, security, and regulatory compliance support.  
We also helped Logalty to launch a tender process that would allow it to select a provider that best meets its needs and objectives, specifically in relation to:

  • Risk control and security focus 
  • Maintaining and improving current service levels
  • Optimizing IT costs
  • Reducing the time-to-market of all new solutionsent
  • Facilitating business innovation ms
  • Renewing IT infrastructures 

Also, as part of our commitment to Logalty, we supported the company in its offer evaluation and negotiation process, looking after its interests throughout.

Logalty acts as a trusted intermediary third party in online operations, guaranteeing transactions are secure, unalterable, and with full probative value. The company was established in 2005 as the first Spanish legaltech firm and the first trusted third party in Europe. With 15 years of experience, it operates in different sectors, both private and public, in Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. In 2018, Logalty obtained the conformity assessment according to the European eIDAS Regulation, included in the Trust Service List as a Certification Entity, with the maximum guarantee in contracting, notification, and qualified electronic signature.

The result

Thanks to its new model, Logalty has managed to gain agility in the provision of new services as well as making changes to existing ones. It’s also obtained eIDAS certification, complying with European regulations, and expanding its portfolio of services. 
Other achievements include the company now being able to improve the quality and management of its services single-handedly through the implementation of a clear government, and the measurement of service performance through performance indicators. 

Let’s create sustainable change together.