Helping ING Bank Introduce a New, More Collaborative Way of Working

ING Bank

Helping ING Bank Introduce a New, More Collaborative Way of Working

Supporting two departments that were merged to work better together; from daily tasks to underlying processes

The Challenge

In 2019, two COO departments were merged within ING Bank, one of the Netherlands’ leading financial institutions. While the black belt teams within these departments generally performed the same work, their internal work processes were very different from one another, specifically the manner of consultation, the management of the backlog, task management, and (online) collaboration. 
The challenge for Eraneos was therefore to introduce a common way of working within the new team and to ensure that it was embraced by all employees.

“Partly thanks to Eraneos, we have introduced a new, common way of working and working together within the team in a relatively short period of time.”

Danny Visser, Center Of Expertise Lead Process Management And Robotics. 

The approach

We approached this project through a series of meetings that were organized so team members could discuss the benefits of working together as one. Topics discussed included what a new, standard way of working would look like in practice, what the conditions were, and what the team’s position would be within the organization. 
In the meantime, of course, normal work continued. In order to implement the improvements systematically, we chose an incremental implementation of various topics. A working group with employees then determined which subjects had priority and should be given priority. 
Once a topic from the list was ready, it was shown to the rest of the team during a demo session to gather feedback. It was then implemented within the organization.

ING Bank is a household name in the Netherlands, a brand known for its orange lion logo. The bank provides a wide range of financial services, such as (internet) banking, investments, life insurance, mortgages, loans, and pensions. Governments and business customers, from freelancers to multinationals also do their banking at ING. Some eight million accounts are affiliated with the bank, with employees spread across 235 offices around the world.

The result

The working group redefined four services in the service catalog: process consultancy, process design, process improvement, and process mapping. Thanks to these new definitions, internal ING customers now have a better understanding of what they can ask from the team and what kind of work can be delivered. And for the team itself, it’s clearer what the frameworks of their work are. This makes it a lot clearer what the added value of the team is within the organization. 
These new changes have meant that the team now works more collaboratively, making clear agreements about taking on new projects. It has also embraced the meeting structure defined in ING’s agile way of working. This working method offers a lot of room for flexibility, quick switching, and the possibility to give feedback more easily. 

Let’s create sustainable change together.