Implementing Machine Learning for a  Scalable Analytics Platform

Leading Transport and Logistics Company

Implementing Machine Learning for a Scalable Analytics Platform

Creation of a bill of lading to increase automation by more than 50%, saving manual effort, and increasing service quality

The Challenge

A leading transport and logistics company contacted Eraneos as it was having several problems with its customer services. For one, communication was highly fragmented and non-standardized and document classification and assignment during bill of lading (BOL) creation was completely manual. This was causing a delay during customer communication, which impacted customer satisfaction, interrupted sales processes, and thus negatively impacted turnover.  

The highly scalable and automated platform doubled the go-live speed of additional AI use cases. 

The approach

Thankfully, we knew what we could to do help. We started by implementing a machine learning model to automatically handle e-mails, deployed service as API on a scalable analytics platform in the cloud, and integrated services into the core enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. We also made sure we were continuously improving accuracy through a feedback loop. 

The result

The tools we implemented for the transport and logistics company meant that it had a productive machine-learning service up and running after just seven months (from ideation to going live). This helped increased automation of the customer service process to more than 50% and therefore reduced manual effort, which was worth over €200,000 annually. 
But that wasn’t all. The company saw a faster customer service process, which helped to increase customer satisfaction. 

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