Implementing Lean Transformation to Increase Kadaster’s Predictability and Customer Satisfaction


Implementing Lean Transformation to Increase Kadaster’s Predictability and Customer Satisfaction

A change in the working method for better predictability in the execution of IT projects for the Netherlands’ land registry and mapping agency

The Challenge

Acting as the Netherlands’ land registry and mapping agency, Kadaster is continuously looking to innovate its services. However, the agency was looking to improve the predictability of the implementation of a large number of ICT projects. 
Knowing that there was a limit to what Kadaster’s ICT department could achieve with existing project working methods, the agency called on Eraneos to help it properly investigate the possibilities of lean management. This, it hoped, would act as a means of improving the predictability of the implementation of its ICT projects. 

The transformation to a lean environment at Kadaster has increased the agency’s predictability and customer satisfaction of IT service delivery  

The approach

We kicked off this collaboration by leading Kadaster’s lean transformation. The first step in achieving that was to define areas where there was potential for improvement alongside the help of visual management. 
We developed a dashboard that visualized the critical performance indicators. Seeing the project team’s performance from the customer’s perspective, in particular, made a big difference. Due to the large number of various services and the mutual coherence between them, it was sometimes difficult to get the right focus and the right prioritization within the teams. The ownership of the various services played a crucial role in this. As did the formation of result-responsible teams. 

The Netherlands’ land registry and mapping agency, Kadaster, collects and registers administrative and spatial data on property and the rights involved. This also goes for ships, aircraft, and telecom networks. By doing so, Kadaster protects legal certainty. It’s also responsible for the mapping and maintenance of the national reference coordinate system. Furthermore, Kadaster is an advisory body for land-use issues and national spatial data infrastructures. Its main customer groups comprise civil law notaries, local authorities, businesses, financial institutions, and private individuals.

The result

By focusing on customer and output, we achieved the intended objectives of the change process for Kadaster and the positive results have by far made up for the costs of hiring external consultants. Most importantly, however, both predictability and customer satisfaction have increased.  
Eraneos also played an important role in the field of behavioral change and competence development. Our independence, expertise, and approach allowed aspects of behavioral change, which are usually extremely sensitive, to be discussed and accepted. At the same time, Kadaster believes Eraneos actively proposed solutions that gave employees the feeling they were really being helped to do things differently. 

Let’s create sustainable change together.