Establishing a Streamlined Identity and Access Management Platform for a Public Transport Operator

Swiss Public Transport Operator

Establishing a Streamlined Identity and Access Management Platform for a Public Transport Operator

Resulting in better efficiency in the company’s day-to-day tasks

The Challenge

A Swiss public transport operator came to us to help it with a number of problems it was facing in regard to the management of its employees’ digital identities. The customer’s existing authorization system had evolved over the years following the changing of requirements, and this had resulted in several deficiencies.

Some of those deficiencies included: 

  • Employees not having the access rights required by their task profile. There was a risk that employees have more rights than they need to complete their tasks.
  • A high effort in assigning and maintaining permissions due to the many decentralized units involved in the administration of digital identities and permissions.
  • Missing overviews of the assigned rights depending on the specialist role performed by the user.
  • A lack of adequate reporting and audit requirements. 

Our expertise helped the customer to improve efficiency and establish traceability in its IAM processes.

The approach

To fulfill the needs of the transportation company, we provided an initial analysis of its user administration. In the next phase, we analyzed the requirements of engineering as well as the identification of the applicable enterprise architecture guidelines. Based on this, we created the vision and high-level architecture for a new future IAM solution.  
The next step was the conduction of a tender for the identification of an integration partner and a suitable tool. And so we developed a detailed concept for the integration and implementation of the IAM platform in cooperation with the selected integration partner and supported the rollout. 

A Swiss public transport operator acting as one of the three standard gauge rail operators in Switzerland. The company provides infrastructure services, regional and commuter rail as well as long-haul passenger trains. It operates throughout Switzerland in regions covering three official languages (German, French, and Italian) with thousands of employees serving millions of passengers. The operator’s diverse staff consists of blue-collar workers for track and rolling stock maintenance, facility management, office workers covering administrative tasks, and a large pool of railway personnel for train operation, passenger service, and traffic management.

The result

Following the rollout of the new IAM system, the customer’s HR processes were simplified and harmonized. This means the supervisor and the HR department of the rail operator are now able to concentrate on their main tasks and do not need to deal with unnecessary administrative work for each employee.  
Furthermore, we’ve ensured adequate control of user authorizations in critical customer IT systems. Thanks to our support, the customer’s user administration is carried out under controlled and traceable conditions.

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