Developing Custom-built Data Science and Engineering Training at ITvitae


Developing Custom-built Data Science and Engineering Training at ITvitae

Eraneos’ Machine Learning Engineer program helped ITvitae’s trainee data scientists and engineers meet the evolving requirements of the job market

The Challenge

Gifted individuals or those with high-functioning autism can often experience difficulties with building relationships and developing their career paths. For data scientists who fall under this category, being able to connect with stakeholders and fully understand the types of data problems they are trying to solve as well as communicating across all levels of an organization are especially important skills. ITvitae contacted Eraneos to help it develop its first data science and data engineering programs with a view of creating a curriculum that has the right balance of theory, hands-on assignments, and an understanding of the business aspect of their work.

So far, Eraneos has helped ITvitae train 51 data science students with 95% of them successfully finding data science jobs.

The approach

To get started, we developed several custom-built training programs that offer the most valuable skills and knowledge trainees need to become certified data engineers and scientists. More than 30 classes were created, covering everything from programming skills and big data to machine learning, data science, and the cloud.

Several of our data specialists were involved as trainers to provide participants not only with the necessary theoretical and hands-on knowledge but also with tips and tricks on how to overcome complex data challenges and communicate the results with stakeholders.

ITvitae’s mission is to guide ICT specialists with high-functioning autism or gifted individuals to a paid and sustainable job. The company has three core activities – learning, coaching, and secondment. The company offers participants a variety of ICT training of six to nine months and concludes each module with globally recognized exams. Trainees can pick from a variety of programs in the fields of software development, security, engineering, data science, and more. They’re also taught soft skills and coached on how to work within a company. After certification, graduates are employed by ITvitae, or one of their clients, or continue their career path at another company.

The result

Since the beginning of the partnership, the program has grown both in value and the number of successful graduates interested in becoming data engineers and scientists. Every year, ITvitea now collaborates with Eraneos to teach a class of up to 20 students and more.

More recently, we developed a Machine Learning Engineer program so ITvitae could meet the evolving requirements of the job market. The program combines the knowledge and skills of data engineers and data scientists so that trainees are able to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life cases.

Let’s create sustainable change together.