Creating a Target Picture, Approach, and Implementation Plan in a SAFe Environment

Premium Automotive OEM

Creating a Target Picture, Approach, and Implementation Plan in a SAFe Environment

Developing an agile smart home charging solution

The Challenge

Despite being one of the most esteemed car manufacturers in the world, this OEM had no smart home charging offering for customers. The company had discussed a solution but had only so far come up with unaligned opinion-based approaches to the problem.  
To make this problem more difficult to solve, home charging solutions offered by third parties were using digital frontend interfaces without OEM approval to offer Smart Home functionalities. A workaround was needed and Eraneos were called in to find out what that was and how it could help. 

Leveraging existing backend functions, as well as platforms, enabled a quick go-to-market 

The approach

We kicked off the project by developing a target picture at the intersection of business, legal, and data privacy. 
The next step was to create a workshop-based target picture including alignment through advanced stakeholder management as well as committee approvals. Leveraging existing backend functions and platforms enabled a quick go-to-market for  minimum viable products (MVP), in other words, a car with enough features to attract early-adopter customers and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle. We also looked to enhance the OEM’s existing B2B2C data monetization business model.

The result

With our help, this premium automotive OEM is now offering a new, innovative home charging solution that is fully compatible with existing charging hardware. This has helped the manufacturer add €42 of annual B2B revenue per battery electric vehicle while also decreasing warranty costs for battery replacement by approximately two percent.  

Let’s create sustainable change together.