Transforming the IT of the Netherlands’ Mortgages Association into a Data-Driven Omnichannel Environment 

De Hypotheker

Transforming the IT of the Netherlands’ Mortgages Association into a Data-Driven Omnichannel Environment 

Eraneos helped transform DHA from a mortgage advisor to a multi-proposition organization

The Challenge

The mortgages on offer in the Netherlands had become simplified and there had been few new entrants in the market for some time. In addition, do-it-yourself mortgages and “robo-advice” were on the rise. To increase its market share and retain longevity, The Netherlands’ Mortgages Association, or De Hypotheker (DHA), knew it had to rethink its business model and market approach.  
The challenge was to transform the supporting IT landscape into a more flexible, data-driven, and digitized environment with innovative connections to other members of the ecosystem. At the same time, the internal organization wanted to transform into a high-performance, flexible work unit with top-notch IT. 

Transforming the existing IT offering at DHA into a digitized business model supported by an agile organization and an advanced IT platform. 

The approach

Eraneos got to work by performing an analysis of the current IT landscape and business challenges, mainly from sourcing, architecture, and data perspectives. The architecture as well as some important applications were also found to be at the end of their life cycle. So, after creating a new architectural and organizational design with a solid financial business case, we led the project to implement the new solution.  
The implementation involved outsourcing to multiple new suppliers, introducing an agile way of working, preparing an evaluation and design for the new governance structure, facilitating new customer journeys, and regularly challenging executive management in our capacity as trusted advisors. 

The Netherlands’ Mortgages Association or De Hypotheker (DHA)’s first branch opened its doors 32 years ago. Today, it’s a market leader in the Netherlands and a household name with spontaneous brand awareness of 92% thanks to the famous slogan: Yes. The Mortgage. DHA has provided mortgage advice to more than a million people through an effective franchise network since its inception and continues to offer a complete package of services, including taking out insurance policies and selecting, advising, and realizing mortgages.

The result

The result was a completely new IT landscape, transforming DHA’s primary business model into a more agile omnichannel and data-driven customer approach. The company placed itself at the center of a large ecosystem through various customer journeys and thus gave both its customers and data providers a critical role in the value chain of independent mortgage advice. 
Additionally, the internal organization has been transformed and professionalized, serving the financial business case, that is, a 25% cost reduction and an expected 20% market share growth in the target segments. DHA is now a more future-proof organization. 

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