Defining a Strategy for T-Systems to Maximize Market Traction and Generate Tangible Results


Defining a Strategy for T-Systems to Maximize Market Traction and Generate Tangible Results

In a bid to transform the company from the outside in through services, processes, organization, and people

The Challenge

T-Systems came to us for help in finding out what the best starting point would be in its global transformation strategy. The goal was to maximize market traction and generate tangible results for the company, finding effective ways to generate business in advanced services.

This successful project rollout helped T-Systems gain some quick wins and trigger transformation from the outside-in

The approach

We approached this project through something called bimodality, that is, to create a differential customer experience throughout the sales process to increase the win ratio. We looked to adopt different speeds and cultures for the company’s traditional and digital services, maximizing the relevance and traction of the digital portfolio in the market in the short term, and generating leads to transform the business overall. We also obtained organizational- and people- readiness for the transformation, which we deemed a requirement as a facilitator of change.

As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems provides all important building blocks to lead and deliver innovative information technology and digitalization for an organization. This includes consultancy services, customer experience enhancement, and digital services to support cloud and infrastructure transformation and application modernization – all done with the highest standard of security.

The result

The end result of working with us on this project saw T-Systems turn its traditional services into business as a foundation for verticalization. Its advanced services were also redefined to make them more effective in the target market, and – as a result – T-systems saw an acceleration of both traditional and digital business. In addition, the company saw the qualification of 20-30 potential opportunities in traditional and digital services.

Let’s create sustainable change together.