Constructing a Modern IT Landscape for Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer

Constructing a Modern IT Landscape for Dura Vermeer

Giving the company more control in the field of IT projects by implementing digitalization

The Challenge

In order to guarantee continuity, the construction giant Dura Vermeer strives for sustainable relationships with customers, employees, and partners and is based on the core values of safety, quality, and reliability. However, safety is the number one priority. In order to continue to offer these guarantees, the company was faced with two challenges: the need for a modern IT landscape due to its major digitization ambitions on the one hand, and on the other, the desire to have more control in the field of IT projects. Eraneos helped it achieve these goals.

“Eraneos is a pragmatic party with whom we enjoy working together and actually achieve results.”

Joost Den Heijer, IT Director at Dura Vermeer

The approach

Starting this project, it was clear Dura Vermeer needed a digitalization strategy. However, we were aware the firm was in a transition period. It had already begun its modernization process, and we had to build our approach around this, knowing it wanted to turn up a notch. The existing IT network was already a challenge in itself, and building new applications in a very modern way was something the company wanted to centralize.

And so we established with Dura Vermeer that we should focus heavily on agile working, DevOps, and BizDevOps.

With a turnover of €1.6 billion in 2021 and approximately 2800 employees, Dura Vermeer is one of the best in the Dutch construction sector. The company’s core activities vary; from design, development, and realization to maintenance, renovation, and transformation of construction and infrastructure projects. Dura Vermeer is organized into four divisions, with construction, property, and Infrastructure being the largest. The divisions operate within a central framework, which is shaped by a group holding company consisting of the executive board and staff services, including IT. These divisions operate quite autonomously within a framework established at the group level, including in the IT field, which means that they have a fairly diverse landscape within the company walls.

The result

Being at home with the world of agile transformations, Eraneos was able to successfully join forces with Dura Vermeer. We set up the joint venture in a very short space of time to perform what we know best – making the right choices at speed. The result was a more modern IT landscape for the company, giving it more control over its IT projects.

According to Joost den Heijer, IT director at Dura Vermeer, Eraneos was able to support the company in making the right choices, at “lightning speed”. “We had to set up a new situation in a very short period of time and we couldn’t just do that with our own people,” he said.

Let’s create sustainable change together.