Building a Future-proof Organizational Model for ASR Nederland


Building a Future-proof Organizational Model for ASR Nederland

Designing a new IT change organization to ensure it can optimally achieve business objectives

The Challenge

An increasing speed in changing customer requirements, technology, and in-market developments in the pension landscape (including the upcoming pension agreement) led to ASR Nederland needing a higher degree of adaptivity in its organization. Speed, quality of service delivery, and transparency to customers, the firm had decided, were crucial to maintain and expand its position in the market. Eraneos were called in to help it achieve these goals. 

“Thanks to the new working method, we have clearer goals and frameworks, more self-organization, and job satisfaction in the teams.”

The approach

The company’s planned transformation started with a survey consisting of a large number of qualitative and structured interviews with stakeholders, directors, and employees (both business and IT).  An analysis of the playing field based on the results from the interviews, workshops, and desk research led to a clear analysis of possible points for improvement. This analysis, combined with the latest good practices and methods from the financial market, was used to design a supported “organizational design”, which included new work processes, roles, functions, and personnel plans to get more agility in the organization.  To support the employees in the transformation, a tailor-made training approach, aimed at target groups, was also implemented. 

ASR Nederland is one of the top three insurers in the Netherlands. The organization offers products and services in the fields of insurance, pensions, and mortgages for consumers, entrepreneurs, and companies. In addition, ASR is active as an asset manager for third parties and listed on Euronext Amsterdam as well as being included in the AEX Index. ASR is organized on the basis of product lines and services, including life and pensions, supported by a number of corporate services such as a central IT department, HR, communication, and finance and control.

The result

In collaboration with every layer of the ASR pension organization, Eraneos achieved significant savings and quality improvement, including:

  • Transparency in budget vs result based on clear business cases
  • An up-to-date, sharp, and integral image for the MT in regard to organizational performance through the Obeya visual management
  • Better connection to work process and cadence with suppliers by speaking the same language and using market-compliant production methods
  • A higher employee engagement
  • Connecting business teams to IT teams and forming multifunctional teams
  • “Single Source of Information” at all levels of the organization, with which asr Pensioenen has laid a solid foundation for achieving its business objectives.

Let’s create sustainable change together.