Our vision is to be the leading consultancy that empowers businesses to effortlessly transition into the digital age. By combining expertise in digital transformation with innovative automation solutions, we help our clients navigate the complex world of technology – and drive real, tangible results.​

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Intelligent automation is an essential component of any successful digital transformation. By creating automated end-to-end processes, it empowers businesses to develop agile, modern, and resilient business models. 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the backbone of this approach, automating routine, rule-based tasks and streamlining workflows. This frees up employees to focus on more impactful work, while RPA works tirelessly, 24/7, with no errors and 100% accuracy. Other technologies, such as OCR or process mining, can be easily integrated for even greater efficiency gains.
Hyperautomation, with its AI-based mix of technologies, takes automation to the next level – far beyond (rule-based) automation with RPA. It can handle complex rule-based decisions with high exception rates based on semi-structured and unstructured data. By leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics, it scales business process automation across the enterprise, paving the way for unparalleled operational efficiency and cost savings.
Looking to revolutionize business processes with Hyperautomation? Eraneos Automation has the expertise and experience you need to unlock the power of intelligent automation and Hyperautomation. Learn more about our services and how we can help to achieve real tangible results for digital transformation.


Eraneos Automation is your go-to partner for Hyperautomation. With a winning combination of expertise in digital transformation and cutting-edge automation solutions, we help our customers navigate the complex world of technology and achieve real tangible results
With over 300 successful automation projects since entering the market, our extensive know-how is unmatched.

Our expertise covers every phase of the automation journey, from developing an automation strategy to project management during implementation, as well as development, providing training, technical support, and licensing as needed. Our Eraneos Automation Team consists of industry-specific management consultants, innovative developers, IT professionals, and automation experts with a deep understanding of emerging technologies.

By partnering with Eraneos Automation, you’ll gain access to the knowledge and skills of more than 100 (hyper-)automation experts within the Eraneos Group. From management consulting to implementation, we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve success in the digital age. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business automate smarter and stay ahead of the competition.

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The return on investment of the implemented use cases is achieved after an average of less than 12 months.
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Through our automations, our customers save a total of about 400k hours p.a. for more valuable tasks
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We have successfully automated more than 300 processes for our clients – these implementations have led to more than 15m € p.a. in process cost savings
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Our customers have access to more than 100 experts in the field of (hyper-) automation.

Eraneos Automation Offerings

Looking to streamline and automate your processes through technology-enabled automation, but struggling to overcome various challenges? Unsure how to get started or experiencing difficulties at various stages of your automation journey? We’ve got you covered.nnnOur comprehensive service offering supports every step of your automation journey, providing the expert guidance you need to achieve your automation goals. With our holistic approach, we ensure that your automation initiatives are successful and sustainable. Contact us today to learn more about how our service offering can help you streamline your processes and achieve your automation goals.


Unser Team analysiert Ihr Automatisierungspotenzial und entwickelt eine geeignete Automatisierungsstrategie, einschließlich der Beschaffung geeigneter (Software-)Lizenzen. Wir bewerten und verbessern auch Ihre Automatisierungssicherheit.


Mit unserem bewährten Projektmanagement und technischem Know-how analysieren und bewerten wir Ihre Prozesse, richten die Infrastruktur, die Dokumentation und das Testmanagement ein. Darüber hinaus stehen Ihnen unsere Kunden- und Wartungsdienste zur Verfügung, wann immer Sie sie benötigen.


Wir kümmern uns um die organisatorischen Aspekte Ihrer Automatisierungsbestrebungen, von der Implementierung eines Kompetenzzentrums über Automatisierungs-Governance und Risikomanagement bis hin zu Training und Coaching sowie personellen Anforderungen wie Change Management und Kommunikation.


Wir sind anbieterunabhängig. Wir sind gut mit den besten Softwareanbietern verbunden. Unser Technologieangebot umfasst die Auswahl und den Kauf von Anbietern, Support, den Wiederverkauf von Lizenzen, Proofs-of-Concept und Implementierungen, Bewertungen der Technologiebereitschaft, Innovations- und Trendradar sowie die Bewertung und Verbesserung der Automatisierungssicherheit.

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Our Automation services have empowered multiple customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

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With our holistic approach, we ensure that your automation initiatives are successful and sustainable. Contact us today to learn more about how our service offering can help you streamline your processes and achieve your automation goals.