“Eraneos is an ambitious company where people really stay themselves.”

Hannah Franssen     Consultant

“Eraneos is an ambitious company where people really stay themselves.”

Meet Consultant Hannah

Showing initiative gets rewarded. When Hannah Franssen became acquainted with Eraneos, she immediately noticed this: “I experienced this during my application process, and it is now being confirmed again and again. As soon as I come up with a proposal or express myself, it is properly taken up and answered.”

Hannah was drawn to Eraneos for several reasons. “It was exactly what I was looking for in my first employer: a not too large organization by feel that performs at a high level and has a lot of diversity in customers.” Hannah studied organizational psychology and soon knew that she wanted to continue hetr career in consultancy.

“Eraneos is an ambitious company where people really stay themselves. This makes it possible to connect with the customer.”

Hannah Franssen – Consultant, Organizational Excellence & Transformation

Ready, set, go!

In her second week, Hannah was already able to start her first project. “I was immediately thrown in the deep end, and I had hoped for that, then the learning curve immediately becomes very steep,” Hannah says, “I was intensively trained by a fellow consultant. It was nice to be able to walk with someone.” In addition to her fellow colleague, Hannah also had a buddy and a development coach during her training period. “The first eight months I was on a large-scale project, where I learned a lot about Agile project management and facilitated many sessions.” Hannah is now on two part-time projects, which makes for a nice variety of work.

Coaching, collegiality, and customers

As a junior you are regularly assigned a PMO role or a Scrum Master role. Hannah currently coaches teams on the job. “I notice that I find the interaction through coaching very interesting. My current project gives me a lot of space and freedom to properly develop these skills.”

The larger the assignment, the greater the chance that you will be working on a project with a team of Eraneos colleagues. “On my first project, we were part of the project team with seven Eraneos colleagues. You can then easily talk internally about the assignment,” Hannah says, “Now I have a project where I operate independently, but at the same organization a colleague is working in a different department.” Hannah thinks it is important to visit colleagues from Eraneos for solo assignments to discuss her project. “The strength of Eraneos is that we look for the best solution together. A colleague can provide valuable feedback by taking a fresh look at it.” According to Hannah, all colleagues are super helpful and willing to be available to help each other.

Every project is different, and every customer is different. “I really like this variety in customers,” Hannah mentions. At the moment she is working for a customer in the public sector, but also for a large commercial company. Each sector has different learning points. “What you would not do at a commercial company, you might do at a public organization. Each project is educational in a different way.”

Cooking connects

In her spare time, Hannah likes to play sports. “I used to always play hockey, and every now and then I still play as an extra for a game.” Hannah also likes to spend time with her friends. “I grew up in Amsterdam, so I still talk to a lot of friends from back when I was younger.” In addition, she and her boyfriend share a passion for boating. If the weather allows it, they prefer to be on the water, actively sailing in a falcon or relaxed on a motorboat through the Amsterdam canals.
In addition, Hannah does volunteer work at Buurtbuik. “I think social involvement is an important subject,” Hannah explains, “We collect fresh products from supermarkets and greengrocers that would otherwise have expired, with which we cook meals for the people who need a helping hand.” Because people eat together, you also create connections. Hannah runs one of the locations in Amsterdam together with a team. “I find it very valuable to do, it gives me an extra piece of satisfaction.”