Implementing DevOps and Lean IT at LeasePlan 


Implementing DevOps and Lean IT at LeasePlan 

Turning individual work into teamwork to optimize the customer experience

The Challenge

LeasePlan was looking to implement a lean IT philosophy into its organization. This was with the view to optimize the customer experience, streamline business processes, increase collaboration and communication between teams, and achieve a cultural change that would inspire an attitude of continuous improvement. Eraneos were called in to help the company achieve these very ambitions. 

“Partly thanks to Eraneos, we have introduced a new, common way of working and working together within the team in a relatively short period of time.”

Danny Visser, Center Of Expertise Lead Process Management And Robotics. 

The approach

Using a lean philosophy adapted to the company’s model, we kickstarted the project with an  objective to increase customer satisfaction, reduce time to market, and improve team motivation.  
To stimulate motivation, we ensured emphasis was placed on communication, giving visibility to everyone’s work, encouraging collaboration, and implementing a management model oriented towards supply and demand. We created autonomous and business-oriented work teams, achieving greater control and efficiency in management, focusing on the client and the organization’s ability to adjust in real time. Next, we developed various customer satisfaction dashboards depending on the different processes in order to meet the constant demand.

LeasePlan is a world-leading vehicle leasing company with a presence in more than 32 countries. It has more than 50 years of experience offering services and solutions adapted to the needs of its clients.

The result

With our practical implementation of a lean IT philosophy, the organization is now more agile in all of its processes and has a greater focus on needs and efficiency. This implementation, alongside a change in organizational philosophy, has made the teams more transversal, working jointly between the development areas and the operations areas (through DevOps). It’s these improvements that have helped the company obtain greater value from its processes, translating into greater value for its customers.

Let’s create sustainable change together.