Improving Services, Minimizing the Time-to-Market of Products, and Optimizing New Technologies


Improving Services, Minimizing the Time-to-Market of Products, and Optimizing New Technologies

A successful transformation to agile working at RDW

The Challenge

Dutch public service provider RDW (National Road Traffic Service) had an ambition to continuously improve its services, to make the time-to-market of products as short as possible, and to use new technologies as much as possible. However, the classic linear way of software development, the so-called “waterfall method” no longer fitted that ambition. The company needed to respond more quickly and flexibly to changes that occurred during the development process, meaning an agile approach was required. Eraneos had the know-how to help. 

The agile working method intensifies the collaboration between the business, product owners, and scrum teams, adding further value for the customer. 

The approach

After a national tender, we were selected to guide the transition of RDW’s agile working with training and coaching through its academy. For the RDW, this meant that approximately 300 employees would have to permanently think and work differently: more short-cycle, more flexible, and more goal-oriented. The main reasons for selecting Eraneos came down to our knowledge and experience  
With an ‘agile’ approach and multidisciplinary teams – which also included customers – we believed that RDW could deliver and test small parts of its functionality, leading to feedback and more input for the next iteration.

RDW is a public service provider in the mobility chain. The company has a great deal of expertise thanks to years of experience in the execution of statutory and assigned tasks. These tasks are in the field of admission of vehicles and parts thereof, supervision and enforcement, registration, provision of information, and issuance of documents. RDW carries out these tasks in close collaboration with various partners across the mobility chain. This gives the RDW a clear position in this chain with the mission to be a partner in mobility.

The result

The growing enthusiasm for agile working at RDW has helped improve transparency and communication across the company. This co-creation is also a prelude to improved collaboration between the teams, management and maintenance, and operation. 

Let’s create sustainable change together.