Transforming customer service with the use of GenAI for a Swiss telecom provider

Swiss telecommunication provider

Transforming customer service with the use of GenAI for a Swiss telecom provider

Enhancing speed and accuracy of customer service interactions through innovative speech-to-text capabilities with a GenAI VoiceBot

The Challenge

Generative AI has proven it can accelerate transformation across multiple industries. One space where the technology has shown great potential is in telecommunications. Over the last few years, the industry has been struggling with multiple challenges, from the pressure to keep delivering exceptional customer experience, to stagnating revenues and ever-increasing costs.

In the case of our customer, they also faced the additional challenge of accessing information which was dispersed across multiple platforms and data sources. This made it particularly difficult for service agents to access and provide timely updates on service tickets, leading to prolonged waiting times and a reduction in customer satisfaction. As the customer aims to maintain a high service standard in this competitive sector, they started looking for an innovative solution that could consolidate all the necessary information and streamline the communication process.

The approach

In collaboration with the customer, Eraneos conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing service infrastructure to identify bottlenecks and key areas for improvement. Based on these insights, the team of Data & AI and customer service experts selected specific use cases that were critical to the customer experience and would benefit most from automation and enhanced interaction capabilities.

This work led to the building of a prototype designed to integrate seamlessly with the firm’s existing IT architecture. The PoC featured robust multilingual support to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of the Swiss population, adapting to the different languages in the country and even to regional dialects. The prototype was equipped with advanced speech-to-text technology, enabling real-time communication and updates regarding customer tickets. The collaborative effort was focused on creating a scalable and adaptable solution that could evolve with the company’s growing needs and the technological landscape. This phase of the project also included extensive usability testing to refine the AI assistant’s functionality and ensure it would be effective in a live environment.

All of this, led to the development of a Generative AI VoiceBot. The VoiceBot uses speech-to-text technology in combination with an AI-driven interaction model with one main goal: to deliver fast and accurate personalized assistance in multiple languages. It has the capability to provide concise, summarized responses to customer inquiries. Furthermore, a key feature of this solution is its adaptability. It’s designed to continuously learn from the interactions it sees on a daily basis in order to remain effective and improve over time.

A Swiss telecommunications company that’s a leading provider of mobile telephony, Internet, TV, and fixed network services to a wide array of private and business customers. Committed to innovation and superior customer satisfaction, the company focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency and quality of its communication services, ensuring robust and reliable telecommunications solutions.

The result

The GenAI VoiceBot prototype has demonstrated that it can streamline the way the firm manages service tickets. It has also proven to drastically reduce the complexity and time required for customer service interactions. The VoiceBot has shown the ability to provide accurate, real-time updates and efficiently handle inquiries, which will lead to a marked improvement in response times and customer satisfaction for the organization once implemented. This automation is able to not only enhance the efficiency of information retrieval but to also significantly reduce the need for customers to engage in repetitive communication.

The VoiceBot’s ability to provide accurate, real-time updates and efficiently handle inquiries has the potential to lead to a significant improvement in response times and customer satisfaction for the company.

The initial performance metrics show that a notable decrease in operational costs and a substantial reduction in the time agents spend on routine queries are possible. This allows agents to focus on more complex customer needs. The AI solution can clearly contribute to the organization’s operational efficiency of customer service processes.

Looking ahead, the telecoms company anticipates further refinement and expansion of the VoiceBot’s capabilities and aims to extend its use across more customer service channels and perhaps even into other areas of business operations. This project not only shows how Generative AI can enhance the immediate customer service experience but also lays a foundation for future innovations in making use of AI technology within the telecommunications sector.

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